Florida National University Marketing Specialist

As the social media and marketing specialist for Florida National University (FNU), José established, implemented, and managed all of the University’s social media efforts which consisted of the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. The objective of participating in social media was to increase brand awareness and build engagement for FNU. José used organic and paid Facebook Page Likes to increase brand presence by 1,983% between June 2012 (584 Likes) – November 2015 (8962 Likes). He employed LinkedIn to reach out to current students and alumni. José worked with an internet marketing company to execute PPC, SEO and SEM campaigns.

In addition, he worked with a South Florida based agency to buy print, radio and TV media as well as promote the school’s brand through the use of outdoor advertising: billboards and buses.


Company: Florida National University

Location: Hialeah, Florida

Position Held: Social Media/Marketing Specialist

Length of Employment: 2012 – 2015


The following are TV commercials produced under José’s direction:



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