Allivet Pet Pharmacy Social Media Manager

As Allivet Pet Pharmacy’s social media manager and blogger, José established, implemented, and managed all of Allivet’s social media accounts.He use social media networks to increase brand awareness, as well as build and encourage engagement. José managed the following social media accounts for Allivet: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

In addition to managing the company’s social media sites, José developed and managed internal and external marketing communications, and monitored Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau, Facebook Reviews, ResellerRatings. He resolved customer complaints as they arose by applying best practices.

Company: Allivet Pet Pharmacy

Location: Hialeah, Florida

Position Held: Social Media Manager/Blogger

Length of Employment: 2016 – 2017

Links to blogs Jose wrote for Allivet Pet Pharmacy:

Is your dog suffering from Cushing’s Disease? 

Can dogs sunburn?

Bloat in Dogs? 


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